Founded in 2016, sunday forever is a direct -to- consumer
Lifestyle brand that blends fashion, fragrance, and lifestyle goods. Designed to combat the dreaded 'sunday scaries', the brand serves as a haven of cozy comfort, featuring an array of products from candles and apparel to jewelry. Our founder, ashli, after a 12-year stint in the beauty and fashion industry, created sunday forever to break free from the corporate world and build something truly delightful for customers.

Over the years, we've cultivated a tight- knit community of highly engaged followers, united by our shared commitment to quality, detail, and that extra touch of joy. At sunday forever, we don't just make nice things - we exist to delight. Ashli's hands- on approach, including her dedication to sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life and business, has fostered a unique bond between our brand and customers.

Sunday forever is not just a brand, but a destination - the kindest corner of the internet, offering a dreamy, uplifting, and welcoming escape from the daily grind. The brand's ethos of personalized service, care, and authenticity is brought to life by our small, dedicated nyc-based team, responsible for packing and shipping every order. For a curated collection of cozy things that are crafted with an eye for quality and detail, sunday forever is your one-stop shop.

You deserve nice things.

  • Hi! I'm Ashli, founder of this little corner of the internet. I love making nice things, serving our customers, hanging out in nature and being a dog mom of 3.

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  • This is Ted, Wyatt and Kevin in line from oldest to youngest. Ted is the Head of Quality Control, Wyatt is our Warehouse Manager and Kevin is our lifelong intern.

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  • Here's a tiny glimpse of our Sunday Forever Studio, but there's way more behind the scenes action on our socials, so catch the good stuff there.

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