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by Irene Kim 

Ever since the birth of Sunday Forever, we’ve had the fortune of meeting the most amazing humans - we’ve created lasting friendships with so many kind, genuine souls. While each and every one of those relationships mean so much to us, one of the most special bonds we’ve made is with our dear friend and beauty influencer Matt Woodcox, popularly known as @dirtyboysgetclean on Instagram. He’s one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met and has become such an inspiration to us along the way.

Not only has Matt been a long time lover of the brand, but he’s also a lover of all things beauty. While beauty has become such a female-centric space, Matt has been a light to everyone in the community regardless of gender. In his pursuit to fulfill his dreams of exploring the beauty world, he’s uplifted so many others by encouraging safe spaces for everyone to share all the things they truly love. 

via Matt Woodcox

Beauty and makeup has long-been viewed as something reserved for women to enjoy; men are often discouraged from expressing themselves through these types of outlets, and they’re often viewed as being too “girly” when pampering themselves in ways that go beyond the social norms. But the reality is, gender exclusivity shouldn’t exist especially when it pertains to how an individual explores themselves and their interests. Matt asserts “if a woman wants to wear a cologne marketed for men.... amazing. If a male wants to wear pink eyeshadow... gorgeous. I just feel like there is so much growth when it comes to accepting people for who they are and I would love to see more brands go genderless when it comes to marketing. Include everyone no matter what gender they might (or might not) identify with.”

This narrative that exists in the world of beauty, unfortunately also exists in the world of self-care and lifestyle. Lighting a candle, collecting crystals, burning a sage bundle, etc. are typically labeled as self-care rituals exclusive to women, when in fact, a lot of men also enjoy practicing these types of activities to help them feel their best. “I think it is beautiful to watch everyone do their own thing. Self-care is so personal and it should be whatever we want to make it. I think we all deserve to take time to ourselves. It's important to nourish yourself inside and out” says Matt. Finding ways to feel most comforted, safe and calm truly are experiences and feelings that are so unique to each individual, that reserving certain things in boxes for specific groups of people is unfair and cruel. Every single human being should be able to cater to their own needs as they see best, regardless of your gender identity.  

Self-care is so personal and it should be whatever we want to make it. I think we all deserve to take time to ourselves. It’s important to nourish yourself inside and out. 

Enter: Woodcox. We knew we wanted to make a candle in honor of Matt and all #boyswholovecandles, because we wanted to challenge the existing walls of gender exclusivity within the wellness and lifestyle world. Our Woodcox candle was launched for the first time last year and everyone fell in love, so we knew we had to bring it back. It smells like dirtyboys and aftershave; the scent is so fresh, clean and light (and really does smell like your favorite boy). So light it up. Luxuriate. Bc boys can love candles too.