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by Deborah Pagani

Sunday, I try to stay in bed till about 8 AM even if I hear the kids rustling around. I burn some Palo Santo, which is great for purifying and cleansing, then go straight into the kitchen to make my 16 oz of celery juice - I can’t start my day without it, but then again, I guess there are worse addictions. Medical Medium got me on this craze and I have to say, it works. I used to have the worst brain fog, and drinking celery juice has definitely cleared it.

While I’m juicing away in the kitchen, my three kids like to come over to me in rotation, asking what I’m making for breakfast, what the plan is for the rest of the day, etc., and I realized the best thing to do in these moments is to send them to my husband - I take advantage of him not running to the office on Sundays.

Thankfully, this gives me time to take care of my assortment of plants and flowers. I never knew I was into gardening until we moved into our current apartment which has a nice terrace. I started filling the terrace with some of my favorite plants to the point where my mini jungle has crept into my apartment - I really can’t get enough of the greens. It’s another form of accessorizing your home. After 15 minutes or so of gardening, I can finally have my coffee - but then the lists start: culminations of ideas I have regarding work, things that I need to accomplish or start on, etc. Without my lists of priorities, I’m lost.

Next on my Sunday routine includes my daughter, Alaiya and I heading down to the gym for a workout with a trainer, while the boys head to jujitsu with my husband. It’s important to me that I show my children the importance of incorporating physical activity into their routines. Plus, I am really trying to step up my fitness game and, while I usually make up every excuse to cancel, having my daughter workout with me has definitely been motivating me more.

After the gym, we contemplate on whether or not we want to go out for a nice family brunch which are usually never planned for in advance - I can’t wait too long for a table with two 5-year-old boys and a 10-year-old girl while they all start whining that they’re bored and hungry. Nightmare. It’s happened to us too many times before and everyone just gets too cranky. However, if we do make it out for a family brunch, our favorite spot is Victors Café (the only spot in NYC with the most authentic Cuban food and atmosphere), and now that Pastis is back, we’ll be there too with Bloody Mary’s in tow!

To top off a nice brunch, there is nothing I love more than a rainy Sunday. I know - I’m a weirdo. It keeps the mood nice and cozy. For dinner, we like to cook something simple and open some wine. Plus, we usually have guests coming to visit us; people know we’re usually home on Sundays and everyone just likes to stop by. This all usually spills into the evening, and by then, it’s time for the kids’ night-time routine: bath time, maybe a movie, and then to bed they go. But right before they fall asleep, I like to do, what I call, “Talking Time” with each child where they get to chat about what’s going on in their lives. It’s really the cutest conversations. Last weekend, one of my boys, Aramis, was telling me that he was upset because he felt like he had been singing really well in music class with Monsieur Jacques, but was not getting enough recognition. So, I assured him that at the next drop off, I would take him to class and speak with his teacher – everything “Talking Time” always ends smoothly. As for me on Sunday evenings, I generally don’t like going out; I need time for self-care and relaxation to tackle the week that’s waiting ahead. I try to get a massage at home and am always concocting some new aroma therapy oil. Right now, I am using CBD oil mixed with Eucalyptus (although it just destroyed my sheets, so TBD on that...)


Then it’s onto the face. I’ve been trying to derma-roll and layer products onto my skin for maximum effect. I just got the Environ gold plated roller, which I love. That happens after I cleanse with Georgia Louise gel cleanser. Next step is P50 – which burns (and stinks) like a b*tch, but it’s always worth it. I also just got Biologique Recherche’s Le Grand Serum, which I use after the P50 and I love how it feels like an active oil, instead of a serum. To top it all off, I always use Georgia Louise’s sleeping beauty oil. It’s moisturizing and has the most divine scent to fall asleep with. Another product I’ve been obsessed with is Evenswiss’s Body Refining Complex - Cayli, the founder of Knockout Beauty, got me hooked - so I slather that everywhere along with their anti-cellulite booster. Before negotiating TV and movies with my husband, I set up my nightstand with 20oz glass of water filled to the brim and a glass of CBD tea from BASKiN. It helps quiet my mind and prepare for the week ahead with a good night’s rest.

Deborah Pagani is a designer of fine jewelry and hair accessories for women after HER own heart - a tribe of veritable femmes fatales. Follow her journey @deborahpagani