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You may have heard the buzz about "Lip Flips" and wondered, WTF is a Lip Flip? Well, I'm going to break it down for you because I'm happy to be your Guinea pig and went and got myself a lip flip! Of course you're perfect just the way you are but i'm a curious kitten and like to try the latest and greatest when it comes to just about anything. 


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To level set, I was born with pretty full lips and while I totally support doing what you want to do to plump your pout I personally never really needed to put my money there. However, as I've gotten older I started to notice that the fullness of my lips overall started to gradually decrease, especially my top lip, and especially when I smile. It was something I noticed for a couple of years but it didn't bother me enough to find a solution.

Enter, Tik Tok. I've been on the Tik Tok train for a long while now, and if you've gotten into a Tik Tok hole you can probably relate. One lazy Saturday I was on hour 2 of a Tik Tok trance and started seeing videos about Lip Flips. The people getting them mostly seemed to have a thin top lip, or didn't like that they had a "gummy" smile. Hmmm, interesting. Another hour later and 100 "before and afters" I got curious.

There's only one thing to do next, move into a Google hole. It turns out the "Lip Flip" doesn't require any filler at all, just a handful of precisely placed Botox injections above and around the lip. (Now, I'm no doctor so please do your own research and consult legit cosmetic dermatologist - who you've also researched). 

Lip Flip Before and After Results

I ring my derm, secure an appointment and decide to go for it. It was fast and easy, left me with no marks or bumps and it felt like a needle being poked into the area above my lip, because that's literally what happened. It took a few days to a week to see the results which were VERY minimal and I don't think anyone would have noticed if I didn't tell anyone who would listen.

The result was exactly what I wanted, when I smile my top lip simply shows up more and stays in place. Very cool. Apparently the "Lip Flip" can last up to six months so we'll see. I had zero side effects and it didn't impact my speech or ability to drink through a straw. (These were some questions I was asked on Instagram). In terms of cost I'm sure it varies based on where you live and who you go to but based on my research a single session can range from $150-$350, and again, takes about 10 minutes. 

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