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If you've ever spent any time on our website or Instagram, then you already know how we feel about coconut here at Sunday Forever. If you're new here, hi and welcome! Let me fill you in. Sunday Forever has been in a loving and committed relationship with all things coconut since the brand was founded way back in 2016. Some of our signatures were born from a desire to create perfectly balanced coconut products when we were having a hard time finding exactly what we wanted on the market.

Our Sunday Forever arsenal has now expanded to consist of a perfume, a candle, and a lip balm, and I'm here to share them with you. I've also added some of our other favorite coconut products to the list so that you can live in the same coconut-scented dream world that we do.

Sunday Forever Coconuts Perfume

Our Coconuts perfume can only be described as a labor of love. It took numerous years and iterations to perfect the scent, which you can get your hands on in a whole lot of different sizes and applicators today. Our 1.7 Fancy Perfume is a great addition to make your vanity even prettier, or if you're not ready to take the plunge with a full-sized bottle, you can try out our Try-me. Plus, we spray it on every package, so every order comes with a Coconuts touch.

Described as " basically the next best thing to being able to I-Dream-of-Jeannie blink your way instantaneously to Maui ”, “ straight-up coconut delight ”, and “ not overpowering or saccharine but still gives off that flirty, carefree tropical vacation vibe ” by some. We personally like to think of it as a guaranteed way to get a compliment from your Uber driver or alleviate the awkwardness of an elevator ride. Whichever description makes the most sense - I can say with (maybe biased) certainty, that Coconuts is the perfect coconut-scented perfume.

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Sunday Forever Le Coco Incense 

Our Le Coco Incense was created as an upgrade to the typical smoke shop and street corner incense. The coconut scent is a little stronger and more concentrated than the Coconut candle, and also has stronger notes of musk and smoke than her candle sister. Ideal for the coconut crazed or someone looking for a more low maintenance option than a candle. 

Sunday Forever Coconut Candle

Our Coconut candle came along when we wanted something similar to our Coconuts perfume but with a better scent profile to fill up a room. It’s balanced between being warm, musky, and sweet so that you can burn it on any occasion without being exclusively for summertime or vacation. Even my boyfriend, a self-professed coconut hater, told me he loved the smell in my apartment before finding out what it actually was. If you're looking for coconut products with universal appeal, this should be your go-to.

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Sunday Forever Le Coco Lip Balm

Last but certainly not least on this list is our very own Le Coco Lip Balm. Developed in our studio and each and every tube since then has been made in much the same way. We make it by hand so we know exactly what ingredients go into every batch. Our Le Coco balm hydrates without drying so you don't have to put on a million coats. Once featured on the Today Show by an actual dermatologist, so you don't have to take my word for it that it's great for your lips, it was approved by someone with a degree in skin. Also, of course, it has a really nice, light coconut flavor and scent that doesn't overstay its welcome. Another year round staple on the list, its one of the few lip balms I've ever used until the tube was completely empty before losing it or moving on to something new.

If you've read this far, use code COCONUTLOVER15 for 15% off anything in the coconut collection!