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The wide and beautiful world of crystals - it might be foreign to you (it was to me before I started at Sunday Forever) and for the uninitiated, it's probably strange, overwhelming... maybe even a little scary. These are feelings I know well. It took months of working at the Sunday Forever studio, packing and shipping crystals to people whose chakras were far more aligned than mine, before I started to consider what crystals might add to my own life and started to add them in strategic places around my apartment. So before you write off the power of crystals as being too woo, I'm here to let you know that if you put your doubts aside, you might find something to enhance your life too (or at the very least, your vanity and nightstand). 

A great place to start figuring out which crystal might be for you is to identify a mood or a situation that's impacting your life at the moment. After that, this guide can help you make your first crystal purchase or add to your collection.


Having trouble sleeping?

The amethyst crystal is said to helps with physical and emotional issues, especially with the nervous system. It possesses properties to soothe insomnia and nightmares. Keep a one by your bedside table, or next to you during meditation.

Crystal guide lifestyle shots

Chasing big dreams?

Citrine is a crystal that aids in manifestation. If you're working towards a big goal but keep hitting stumbling blocks, use this crystal to reflect and reset your intentions to keep going. Citrine is a great desk buddy to help you get through the work day. 

Feeling foggy?

The angel aura quartz crystal is born from nature. It has properties that help clarify and has a close connection with its origins, helping to attune you to the beauty in the world. Set this crystal on your windowsill and appreciate the nice things right outside your window. 

Can't shake bad vibes?

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal thats said to be good for grounding, purification, and protection. Its properties are said to purify toxins and waste and help to release anxiety. Keep a black tourmaline crystal with you if you're going through a tough time or want to ward off any negative energy that might try to disrupt your peace. 

Crystal guide with angel aura quartz

Going through heartbreak?

Rose quartz crystal is the heart stone. It helps to clear resentment, jealousy, and stored anger. If you're going through a tough break up, rose quartz can help to soothe the heart. For extra good vibes, try an angel aura rose quartz crystal to up the romantic energy. Keep a rose quartz rollerball with you or place rose quartz in the relationship corner of your house (the far right corner when you walk in the front door) to manifest love.

Everything in the crystal guide (and more) can be found in our crystal shop right here. Get something to ease your stress or just something beautiful to add to your home decor, either way we're here for the vibes.