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Julie Mollo Sunday Forever Blog Feature

How I Sunday: Issue 39

What’s super sparkly and Brooklyn-based? Me, Julie Mollo — a bag lady and designer of all things fun, flirty, retro & rock n roll and this is How I Sunday!

I am a small business owner, which means I’m sort-of always working. Not in a ‘girlboss-never-not-working’ way, but in a genuine, if someone needs me (customer, employee, vendor, manufacturer, etc.)I’m going to reply… even when I’m not “at work.”  I know that about myself, and so on Sundays I like to cut myself a little slack. I may still be working, but I’m going to do it my way.

Sundays are my favorite day to be HOME. For years I worked from home and couldn’t wait to get out of the house, but since signing the lease for my studio space in Gowanus four years ago, my home has really become a place of relaxation and comfort.

Sunday Forever Julie Mollo How I Sunday Blog Feature

I didn’t realize until I moved my job out of my home how much I needed a day to chill on the couch and be a slob. I might still be replying to DMs or answering emails, but I'm doing it from my living room, with no makeup and my favorite shows on repeat.

I know I have all my energy in the mornings and not at night, especially on Sundays, so if I don’t work out after coffee then it’s not happening.

I’m a Peloton person (bagladyjulie on the LB!) and I’m fully aware that you might think it’s a cult. It may very well be, but the joy that I feel when I get off the bike or finish a class is everything

So, on Sundays, if I'm feeling it, I'm on the bike in the morning (Kendall, Robin & Cody are my fave teachers to take!)

Whether or not I make it to the bike, I’m always going to make sure I take care of my skin. Most nights, after taking my makeup off I generously apply oil to my face, and on Sundays, that routine starts in the morning. On Sundays I only wear oil - no makeup, no nothing, so I can intensely hydrate and moisturize my face. My fave is by my college buds at Alder New York. And I swear I'm not saying this because you are reading this on Sunday Forever dot com, but I love love love to lounge in my black robe while slathering on that oil. It is always hanging in my bathroom and is always such a vibe.

Cooking is my favorite way to destress, and actually my favorite way to be creative, so there’s always time in the kitchen on Sunday. I do not use recipes. Recipes are inhibiting and have rules and ugh. Sometimes I'll reference a recipe or look at one for inspo, or google a combination to see if it has ever been done, but beyond that, I need to mess around in there and then enjoy what I just created. It’s my version of instant gratification, which rarely comes as a business owner.

My newest Sunday routine comes in the form of planning and journaling. I bought myself a new “Business Class” planner from Sofia Amoruso and the thoughtfulness that she put into her pages and design is next level. Sunday nights are for intentionally filling out the prompts that she sets each week for reflecting on the week before, showing gratitude, being thoughtful about what was working and what was not, what I'm leaving behind and what I want to focus on in the upcoming week. This is a new practice that I am really finding to be helpful for work and for life, so I cannot recommend this Flight Planner enough (and it’s dateless so you can pick it up and start literally any time). 

Julie Mollo Confetti Bag

Watch-wise, If it’s a Sunday night, I hope there’s an award show or a big event of some kind. I love watching people WIN. The day this “How I Sunday” article will be published is a very special kind of Sunday. It is both Super Bowl Sunday (Go Birds! Go RiRi!) and My 35th Birthday!!!!! I just launched our brand new Birthday Bags on Friday and I am so excited about them. If ever there was a reason to sit on the couch, relax, cook and eat whatever I want, this is it. Cheers to Sundays and hey, cheers to me on my birthday! YAY!