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BEAUTY INDEPENDENT  "When Sunday Forever’s candle manufacturer Prosperity Candle had to shut down due to a state order, the brand set up a makeshift candle manufacturing operation   at its New York office. It’s currently producing up to 80 candles a day."   -JANE CARLSON, BEAUTY INDEPENDANTMARIE CLAIRE  “There's no better feeling than when your feet sinks into soft, fluffy material. Sunday Forever's house slippers promise a comfortable fit and from the looks of it, we believe them.”VOGUE  "If you're stuck at work dreaming of days spent on sunny beaches, this candle is for you. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let Sunday Forever's concoction of amber, coconut, milky sunscreen and sea salt scents transport you to the beaches of Hawaii."FORBES  "Sunday Forever is all about “nice things": It’s built around the concept of luxuriating at home in a kimono, lighting scented candles, and creating a self-care sanctuary or even an elevated workspace."REFINERY 29 "Ashli Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever, sells a variety of self-care products that she used to use herself, not-so-coincidentally on Sundays. “I set up a whole situation. My candles. My sage,” recounted Stockton."ENTREPRENISTA  "Leaving a cushy job at a major brand that allows you to travel internationally and lead a team in order to start a business selling products like candles and kimono robes—with you and only you to do—everything? That’s the story of Ashli Stockton, Founder of Sunday Forever, who never set out to build an empire—she was hoping to just break even."WHO WHAT WEAR “With names like Pink Gold, Rich and Morning, it's easy to see how Sunday Forever candles set themselves apart from the pack. Every candle seems to fit a mood or occasion. Plus, you can pick up some crystals or sage while you're at it (the brand sells those too).”ELLE DECOR “You might have come across Sunday Forever's Coconut candle on Instagram, but the brand's latest release, Puff, is one to watch as well. It boasts a relaxing scent of baby powder, musk, bergamot, strawberry, and fig leaves that's just perfect for days when you're lounging at home.”INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES  "This Sunday Forever gift set is called Good Vibes, and for good reason. The set comes with a 24-K gold-filled Evil Eye Bracelet, California white sage, and a special "Go Sage Yourself" lighter. The company also includes a complimentary note to accompany any gift purchase."DOMINO "With a collection of products that includes everything from kimonos to candles, Sunday Forever hinges its brand identity on the idea that small rituals—rituals that hardly take any time at all—can make a major impact on your day."INTO THE GLOSS “The mild scent of cream tempers out an overly sweet, obviously summery coconut, and the resulting blend is soothing and addictive.”WHO WHAT WEAR “I don't know if a tropical vacation is in the cards for me this summer, but at least I can wear this delightful scent and pretend.”NYLON "I imagine this is what hotel rooms in the Waldorf Astoria or the Ritz-Carlton smell like. The scent isn't too strong or pungent because the rich don't like anything too overpowering. They like a controlled ambiance."POPSUGAR.  "When Sunday Forever founder Ashli Stockton told me that she's had Uber drivers ask her what perfume she was wearing when she got in their car after spritzing herself with the brand's Fancy Coconuts Perfume ($98), I didn't believe her. Then, I tried it. The fragrance is everything you want a coconut scent to be but never is: it's not overpowering or saccharine but still gives off that flirty, carefree tropical vacation vibe. The minute the weather warms up, it's all I wear — and yes, I've had Uber drivers ask me what it is, too."SELF "This set—which includes a cashmere-and-smoke scented candle and sea buckthorn-scented body butter—will encourage instant relaxation. Light the candle during a bath, then apply the body butter for instant hydration once you're ready to get out."ALLURE  "The only thing better than one good luck charm is three. This Sunday Forever bracelet set is the perfect invitation for good energy with its crystal ball, evil eye tassel, and horseshoe dangles. To keep bad vibes away, don't take it off until it falls off."FORBES  "There's something incredibly relaxing about this candle, and I can help but want to wear a silk kimono and read a Jane Austen novel; fortunately, at 11 ounces, this candle has up to 50 hours of burning time, meaning you can enjoy relaxing for a long time."GB  "Light a candle to make your everyday feel more luxurious. As you light it, take three slow breaths, inhaling & exhaling through the nose (each for a count of five). We love all of the scents from Sunday Forever."HAMPTONS  "this is the ultimate summer scent. it has been my favorite candle since its inception, and i burn it year round to remind me of summer and suntans."THE COVETEUR  "25 GIFTS FOR THE ECCENTRIC ON YOUR LIST INTO THE GLOSS  "If you like piña coladas, try   Sunday Forever Coconut Candle  Smells like: milk and cream  Feels like: pretending to be a local in Tulum. You’ve saved up all your PTO for two sun-drunk weeks hydrating al fresco at Hartwood, enjoying salty rubdowns at the confounding local boutique hotel/spa/parfumerie, and having fish tacos for breakfast. The itinerary includes two midday naps and accidentally running into your dermatologist on the beach. I hope she was wearing sunscreen."GOOP "Evergreen Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Friend"TOTAL BEAUTY "13 Summery Candles to Update Your Seasonal Bath Routine"A BIT COQUETTISH  "In true Sunday Forever form, tiny gifts were thrown in. (A little charm, beautifully branded matches.) It’s the little touches that make a company more than just another purveyor of stuff."HAMPTONS  "This is an all-natural room mist I have been using for years. I love the way it smells; it's lightly scented with citrus, mint, palo santo and sage oils. It makes your air smell clean and fresh"ELITE DAILY “With scents like "Morning Candle (Sage and Sea Salt)" and "Tanlines," which smells like "summer and suntans," you'll be greeted by familiar summer scents when you return home from long days spent at the beach.”HIGH SNOBIETY “Ashli Stockton, Sunday Forever founder, says the brand is an expression of her “little dream world.” And Tanlines is the scented representation of that world. Using a blend of coconut and soy wax, Tanlines is the smell of summer. Intensely fragrant, ultra-sophisticated, and loaded with ambiance, this candle offers around 50 hours of burn time.”ALLURE "No two of these natural geode dishes are the same. The same could be said about our moms, right? As a nod to her unflinching originality, give yours a gorgeous place to store her rings."COLLEGE CANDY “These super precious extra special crystal ring dishes are naturally made and no two of these natural geode dishes are alike. The same could be said about our moms so gift her something unique as these limited quantity ring dishes. As a nod to her unflinching originality, give yours a gorgeous place to store her precious rings.” SEVENTEEN "Get one for your bestie and one for yourself – it's the chic version of the friendship bracelet you gave her when you were 12."ROMPER  "Every mom needs that one cozy robe to melt into at the end of a hard day…or to stay in all morning because getting dressed is just beyond your ability right now."YOU GLOW GAL “Sunday Forever was born from end-of-the-weekend stress many of us experience before Monday begins. Her luxurious kimonos and candles are loaded with good vibes to set the mood. And yes, Tan Lines smells exactly like a well spent, warm summer day." FAB FIT FUN “The most sensitive sign of the zodiac deserves to cozy up with some sage and an evil eye bracelet for all the good vibes.”GLAM "Thoughts of bulky winter coats and confining scarves will melt away seconds after you take a match to Sunday Forever’s Tanlines, a customer darling that the brand just brought back to their collection for spring and summer. The re-launched version packs even more of the same scent — think suntan lotion warming on your skin and salty sea air blowing through your hair."THE CHILL TIMES  "Five Ways To Cleanse Your Room’s Energy"ARISTOS "Sunday Forever's 11:11 is a regular in my suitcase, as it's a scent that comforts me, and serves some serious hygge vibes when I need grounding. Plus, it's a great way to add a little zen to your morning meditation, no matter where you are in the world."BYRDIE "Sunday Forever just launched a candle called Blk Velvet, a hot, bitter, intense blend made to smell like freshly brewed black coffee. It's perfect for the mornings as it fills the room with a lovely little reminder that getting out of bed means gifting myself with a steamy cup of delicious caffeine.”BYRDIE "Good vibes are what we're aiming for at all times. This is the perfect gift for your sister to sage her home or space with. Plus, it comes with the coolest lighter and positive necklace, so she'll think of you every time she wears it."PUREWOW "Sunday Forever's Coconuts perfume is so specific and lovely, every person you encounter will ask you how you smell so good and where your scent is from. Seriously. Uber drivers, bouncers, coworkers "  —Madison Russell, Style Editor, One37.pmSHEKNOWS "A luxurious candle to help her unwind after a long day at the office." ELITE DAILY "Make your room smell like a loverboy, without the emotional drama."ONE37PM "Sunday Forever, founded by dream girl Ashli Stockton, created the perfect room spray, and it 100 percent deserves a spot on your bathroom shelf. I can’t explain the smell—it’s almost like a non-scent—but the experience is so luxe. Gone are the days of Glade."ELLE "A candle that reminds you of your latest fling. The candle's notes include musk, wood, and citrus. It's the perfect balance of feminine and masculine, sweet and sour, rough and refined. Burn this while you gaze into your loverboy's eyes."THRIVE GLOBAL "Our brand is optimistic and inviting. We want to add something nice to people’s lives, we truly care about our community and our customers and I think that comes through."DOMINO "What do you get for a friend who’s seemingly always burning a candle? A candle throne, of course—perfect for adding height in a bedside table arrangement."ALLURE "For the resident crystal superfan in your life, this Amethyst-infused fragrance from Sunday Forever couldn't be more spot-on. Not only do you get a sweet coconut scent, but you also get the healing, therapeutic powers of the purple crystal, too."BYRDIE "Very apropos name aside, one whiff of this truly will transport you to a summer day (preferably one where you were OOO and on a beach), thanks to creamy notes of coconut and vanilla. Also nice: It uses coconut and soy waxes, a cotton wick, and phthalate-free fragrance for a super clean burn. It’s no surprise this is one of the brand’s best-sellers and somewhat of an Instagram sensation."PARENTINGCO "Elevate your weekend mornings with this elegant Kimono Robe from Sunday Forever. All robes are handmade in the USA and come in a variety of styles and colors that can be custom-embroidered. Warning: You may never want to wear anything else ever again."USWEEKLY "That cozy smokey aroma that envelopes you after snuggling up to a fire in your favorite sweater? Here it is in candle form."STYLECASTER "For the Girl Who Likes to Twirl While She Vacuums"FASHIONISTA "There are plenty of plush, fluffy, robes that make easy go-to gifts for just about anyone on your nice list. and then there's this chic, silky, sexy (yet still plenty cozy) one that renders all those other options completely forgettable."CLEVER "Swap a candle for . . .  A bundle of California white sage (plus a lighter!) for clearing out any bad vibes after everyone leaves for the night."THE CHILL TIMES “Who doesn't love some serious lounging? One of our fave brands Sunday Forever has some of the most beautiful robes in the game — all made right here in the USA. You're not gonna want to leave once your slip into this ultra-soft kimono that's made from brushed poly, a fabric that they describe as "brushed silk with a velvet sheen." Swoon. Bonus: it has not one but two pockets! Beauty and practicality.”MORE "Smells like money, boys, and cashmere—what's not to love?"GOLDEN EDIT "Everything we offer at Sunday Forever are things that gave me comfort and strength during this tough time. I figured I couldn’t be the only one feeling this way."FASHION WEEK EDIT "Sunday Forever carries delicious candles, silk robes that you literally can melt in, crystals, sage burning kits and basically anything you need to detox your life. For your detox night set the room with a few crystals, burn one of their killer candles and for a really great way to press refresh burn some sage. Sunday Forever is literally your one stop shop for all things detox, in a chic and elevated way."SELF "Think of this as the cuter younger cousin of my OG piece of loungewear. The sunny yellow hue and shorter hemline make this a versatile robe that you can not only wear around the house, but style over your favorite tank top and jeans for a day out, too."APARTMENT THERAPY "Well, this Sunday Forever Morning candle “smells like good vibes, sunrise, sea salt, and sage,” so it’s hard to argue with that. In fact, check out everything that brand is doing. Comfort and self-care are in Sunday Forever’s DNA."BEAUTY INDEPENDENT  "Ashli Stockton wholeheartedly believes in the power of crystals, a mainstay of her lifestyle-meets-beauty brand Sunday Forever, but somehow doesn’t come off the least bit woo woo. She’ll offer you a choice between an Egg McMuffin and a Sakara health bar in the same breath, with equal enthusiasm."BYRDIE  "Your 2018 Zodiac Beauty Forecast: What to Expect in the New Year"INSTYLE  "Of course, the Coconut's vacation-esque aroma ranks at the top, but we're also big fans of Pink Gold, which mixes gourmand fragrances like almond and vanilla cake....If you want a side of some good vibes, Sunday Forever also carries crystals, air detox sprays, sage, coconut incense, protection jewels, and super-comfortable kimonos to wear while you ward off negativity."BUSTLE "More of a robe person? This beautiful kimono-style robe from Sunday Forever will be your new go-to."ELLE  "20 Scents We Want To Give And Receive This Holiday Season"HOW YOU GLOW "Sunday Forever gives the gift of comfort and good vibes that we all know and love about Sundays, just every single day. A girl after our own heart, Ashli Stockton is a self-proclaimed 'leisure enthusiast'. Like us, she is obsessed with being cozy, but with style."RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY "Help a Wicca-curious friend impress her coven with this Sunday Forever Witch Kit. Sage, clear quartz, and lighter included; spells sold separately."COSMOPOLITAN  “Who knew a hand-painted seashell could be both beautiful and practical? This makes for a charming accent to any space and is perfect for holding all her rings and trinkets.”LIFE & STYLE SUNDAY FOREVER PRESS HITNEW BEAUTY SUNDAY FOREVER PRESS HITLIFE & STYLE SUNDAY FOREVER PRESS HITREAL SIMPLE SUNDAY FOREVER PRESS HIT
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