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Have you heard about the 8/8 New Moon and money manifesting? Today is 8/8, the Leo New Moon in conjunction with the Lions Gate Portal. There's a lot happening, so here's a little breakdown. While 8/8 is always considered to be a lucky day, this year it coincides with a New Moon and the peak of the Lions Gate portal. That's unusual. So, what's it all mean? Don't worry, I wasn't sure either so I did a little research to break it down for you, more on that ahead. More commonly known, 888 is considered to be an angel number meaning money is coming. Yes please. 8/8 is also considered one of the luckiest days of the year.

Now back to the Lion's Gate Portal. This means that the Sun (in its home sign Leo) and Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) perfectly aligns. This alignment has been celebrated for thousands of years and was tracked by ancient Egypt who’s pyramids of Giza perfectly align with Sirius and Orion’s belt. Sirius is associated with the energies of wealth and passion, the sun is the planet of confidence and recognition, and Leo is a fire sign who can attract anything it desires. With all of that said, you have access to all the energies during this time. 

This year is considered to be extra special because 8/8 lands on the Leo New Moon which is amplifying all the magical and super intense energy happening during the Lion’s Gate portal. 

Sunday Forever New Moon Money Blog

So, what to you do with this information and when do I do it? 

The New Moon is today, Sunday August 8 at 9:49 EDT. It’s suggested that you write a list, under 10 items you’d like to manifest. Visualize the list, imagine what it would feel like to have what you’re asking for. Use affirming language such as “I am” or “I will”. Once you make your list, fold it up, leave it under your favorite crystals and let it be overnight. 

You can also repeat the following script "I am so thankful that money flows to me naturally. I am free of financial burdens."

There are so many ways you choose to acknowledge this special day. Here are the knowledgable humans who I looked to for education on The Lions Gate Portal and 8/88 New Moon. Check them out to learn more, they're all on @tiktok and their handles are here:

Credits to  @nicollemerrilyne

Credits to @Chelsetantra on tik tok 

Credits to @itsstaniamarisa


Happy manifesting you magical human you.