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Mastering the Everything Shower: Turn Ordeal into Opulence

Mastering the Everything Shower: Turn Ordeal into Opulence

A quest to transform the dreaded Everything Shower into a tolerable, perhaps even slightly delightful, experience...

Brace yourselves for a journey I've taken countless times—a quest to transform the dreaded 76-step Everything Shower into a tolerable, perhaps even slightly delightful, experience. Let’s get into it…


To combat the mind-numbing monotony of the Everything Shower, let's introduce some diversion. Your trusty sidekick, yes, your phone, comes to the rescue. I've even found this waterproof gadget that holds my phone, allowing me to keep it totally dry and delightfully scrollable. Catch up on your favorite shows, indulge in some cat videos, listen to a podcast, or, in my case, get lost in the never-ending vortex of TikTok videos until I find myself watching chipmunks eating berries out of a tiny bowl at a tiny table.

Set the Mood

Four words: candlelight and shower flowers. A little fancy goes a long way. Light a fresh candle—we like our PUFF candle for this particular occasion—and for an extra touch of “am I at the Four Seasons right now?”, add a tiny little vase of shower flowers or a clipping of pothos. It's the little details that elevate the shower ambiance to the luxuriously bearable level we’re looking for. Sunday Forever Puff Candle

Supreme Products

Here’s where you’re going to want to go all out. I'm talking a nice razor, that way-too-expensive shampoo, a luxury body wash packed with the good stuff that makes your shower look and feel expensive. And let's not forget one of those scalp scrubber things—let’s get wild. This is also the perfect time to bust out that overpriced hair mask you’ve seen a thousand influencers talk about and go to town! Embrace the indulgence, because you deserve only the best for this type of effort.

Shower FlowersShower Flowers

Shower Wine

Hear me out...I’m talking about shower wine. Yes, you read that right. If wine isn't your thing, grab your beverage of choice and embrace the concept of sipping and scrubbing simultaneously. Trust me, they make holders for everything these days, including shower beverages (genius!). So, let the warm water and a sip of your preferred libation make things a little more... interesting.


Seeing the Finish Line

Personally, this is the best part. You’re close to conquering the Everything Shower, it's time for some serious post-shower pampering. Whip out that dry brush and get your premium potions ready to go. Have you ever used a body serum? It’s a skin loving game changer, and I love this one. So go ahead, slather yourself silly with these luxurious concoctions, because after all that effort, you deserve it.

Comfy Outfit Chronicles

Finally, as you emerge victorious from the Everything Shower, revel in the satisfaction of being the clean queen you are. Slip into a fresh and comfy outfit that screams, “I AM CLEAN, HEAR ME ROAR.” Our go-to favorite is our Sleepwalker dress paired with some fluffy socks, or a matching set that says “I’m clean, I’m comfy, I have my life together”… even for a moment.

And just like that, you did it. So, at your next Everything Shower appointment, remember to set the scent, entertain yourself, luxuriate a little, dress for personal victory, and indulge in the spa-like comedy of self-care. Embrace the adventure and savor the satisfaction of conquering the hygiene hellscape with style.

If you made it this far, you deserve a reward and maybe a little something to help make your next Everything Shower a little more magical. Use code: SHOWERPOWER for 20% off ANY candle of your choice. Shower on ya'll!