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by The Sunday Forever team

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here in our new and improved dream office. Most of you have probably been following us along this journey of moving into our new space and we’re so excited to finally be able to give you a real inside look at every nook and cranny.

Last month, we were fortunate enough to be able to move into a space three times larger than the last. Yup, THREE times the size. It was definitely an investment, but it’s one that we wouldn’t take back for the world. The space that we were in prior definitely still holds a very special place in our hearts, as it was the home to so much of our brand’s growth and most special memories. However, in the one year that we were there, we realized that the company was very quickly outgrowing the space - everyone on the team was desperately looking for any sort of flat surface area to work off of, with boxes of inventory stacked up to the ceiling. We were bursting at the seams, and we decided it was time to put on our big girl pants and take the next step. Ashli, Sunday Forever’s Founder + CEO, knew that for the company to grow and function at its best, we needed to be in a bigger space to allow us to create and move the business forward. 

We now have a beautiful, cozy office that gets us so excited to come in everyday and do all the magical things. Our space is now split into two - a main studio where the team spends most of our time in to meet and build ideas, and a separate warehouse right next door to keep all our inventory and pack orders for our lovely customers. Having these two territories separated now has given us so much, in terms of working productively, creatively and efficiently.

The team has never felt more at-home in a space before - because we knew this office would become a secondary home to each of us, we wanted to make sure that every detail could also serve as a source of comfort, motivation and inspiration. It was so important to us that the space could not only serve as our own little dream world, but as a place for us to run the company, create a showroom, host shopping events and happy hours, and more. We wanted it to be a multi-functional space for everyone - the team, our friends and family, and our community - to enjoy.

For our main studio, we were very intentional about creating a space that did not resemble anything close to the vibe, look or energy of that of a traditional corporate office setting. There’s everything in the space that you could possibly need to feel comfortable and motivated. From the nap nook, the “candy store”-esque jewelry making station and the showroom to the living space, photo studio, and our individual desk areas, the main office has everything we could’ve ever dreamed of (and more). When we opened up our space a few weeks ago to celebrate our third birthday and office-warming, we were floored by the sweetest comments about how our studio looked (and felt) nothing like a traditional office, but like “your best-friend’s chic apartment” - that’s when we knew we made our dreams a reality. It’s become an open yet cozy, fun but functional place for us to continue building this company.

Throughout the entire moving process, we knew we wanted to work with some of our favorite brands to bring our vision together. For the living space of our office, we worked with a brand that we so admire - Article. Their furniture is chic, modern and outright gorgeous. Plus, everything is made with high-quality materials and the team there was a dream to work with. We’ve fallen in love with our new ivory couches from Article and the entire team spends most of our time cozying up there for meetings, work calls, or just a good glass of wine - it’s like lounging on a cloud. The couches paired with our new pink coffee table (also from Article) makes it hard to ever leave that area of the office.

For lighting, we decked out our whole office with Mitzi everything - they have the chicest light fixtures that you could ever imagine, so we knew we needed it all. From new desk lamps to standing lamps to wall lamps - we Mitzi’d up our entire space. Now, every corner of the office is lit with one of their stunning, super high quality fixtures. They meld perfectly into our bright white space, with little gold accents giving the room a nice little touch.

Next, we needed something to ground the entire space. That mean’s rugs - chic rugs. We found the most beautiful rugs from Nourison to place in our living space and under Ashli’s desk towards the back end of the office. They keep the space looking cozy and approachable, and they allow the other pieces of furniture to look at-home in their places. Plus, we managed to find the most beautiful white blanket for our couches that calls you to sit and have a cuddle. 

Now that we got all the “big things” taken care of, we knew we needed to decorate the space with all the beautiful details that we love. That’s where we knew we needed to turn to Umbra, another brand that we adore because they offer well-made modern pieces - essentially versions of anything and everything you could ever possibly need to make your space look organized and pulled together. We’ve decorated multiple areas of our space with Umbra mirrors, lucite side tables, and more, but our absolute favorite might just have to be the hanging planters. We’ve received so many compliments about these gorgeous white and gold planters that we’ve hung along the windows in the back center of our room right over Ashli’s desk. They’re the most beautiful things to lay your eyes on as soon as you step into the room, and they’ve allowed us to make our space into the little plant jungle that it is now.

Last but not least, there was one very specific piece that we were seeking out for the space months prior to our move: a grand mirror. Our showroom needed to have the most gorgeous mirror at the heart of it, and we searched everywhere to find the perfect one. Luckily, we were introduced by a friend to the founder of Exquisite Designs, who became our sounding board for many of the ideas we had during the design process. She helped us make practical decisions in terms of furniture and design throughout the entire move, while helping us bring our vision to life. Plus, she was the angel who helped us find the mirror of our dreams: a grand gold mirror from the Howard Elliot collection. It truly is a show-stopper with all its regal-looking details; plus, it’s become the official selfie mirror of the office, and you already know how much we all love a good selfie mirror.

It was all of these gorgeous pieces to the office that’s made it what it is now. We’ve always been so intentional about the types of spaces we create for ourselves to always feel and function at our best, so building this office has been the most exciting journey for us. It’s been so rewarding to see our vision blossom to what it is now and each day has become such a beautiful one because of this little dream world that we can now call our new home.