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Zoom Call Chic: Fashion at Home

Zoom Call Chic: Fashion at Home

It’s no secret that the world has quickly changed overnight. Weekends out have quickly turned to weekends in. In-person meetings have turned into video chat meetings. Our workout classes now take place in the comfort of our homes. We’re adjusting and that’s OK.  

If there is one thing we specialize in, its low maintenance-chic. Let’s embrace the fresh face...our skin is THANKING us RN. This is the reset we all needed.  

For a quick but clean, fresh look here are our simple tips to try on your next VC call:

1. BIG HEADBAND - Not going out means you don’t really need to wash your hair as much. Better for your hair and less work for you. Wear a cute headband to cover up the potential greasy roots and you’re g2g. 
Our faves range from LoveShackFancy to Blair Breitenstein
2. CRISP WHITE HOODIE - Or really any crisp white top ( if you have to be more formal..but we hope for your sake, not). Nothing like a crisp white top to make you GLOW. Ever wear white in the summer after a fresh tan? You know what we mean. The color white has a way of brightening your complexion. 
via Pinterest

3. NECK PIECE - A little bandana, layered necklace situation brings attention to your gorgeous face and adds a little texture to your lewk
4. A CLEAN FACE- Like we said, no makeup is the best makeup. If you feel like you need a little coverage, use a tinted moisturizer. With all of our time spent inside, it can be a little dry. Make sure to drink plenty of water and continue to moisturize frequently. Our fave? Supergoop! CC Cream

5. A KISS OF GLOSS - A dash of lipgloss to keep those lips poppin’ and moisturize? Our suggestion? Why a combo of Le’ Coco Coconut Lip Balm & Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss, of course

And there you have it. An easy look for you next zoom meeting, happy hour, or date. Voila!