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by the Sunday Forever Team 

For the past few weeks, we’ve been celebrating our 3rd birthday non-stop. With our recent move into a new office and continuously growing company, the entire team has been reflecting on this past year. It’s been a crazy ride, with many amazing and a few less-than-amazing times, but it’s all been a magical year to say the very least. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds, and have learned more than we could’ve ever imagined - five major things to be exact.  

1. A growing company needs a growing team.

We’re so incredibly proud of our small team here at Sunday Forever - it’s been a mighty team of three for some time now, with us (Ashli, Olivia and Irene) at the center of it all. It’s been amazing to see how much a mere three people can accomplish with minimal help from the outside. But as the company’s been growing, we’ve begun to understand the need for more magical humans to join the family. With Sunday Forever growing as quickly as it is, we knew that we needed to expand our team into what it is today. Since the year prior, we’ve been continuously growing our family in different ways; we’ve made new relationships with people who are just as eager and passionate about furthering Sunday Forever’s mission to spread good vibes and magic. It’s been nothing short of exciting and fulfilling to be able to share so many new experiences with the amazing additions to our team.

2. A growing company also needs a growing space.

When we moved into our last office in April 2018, we fell in love with our cozy little corner of the world, and indulged in all the luxuries this 300 sq ft office brought us. At the time, this office seemed huge, as the space prior had been about the size of a typical NYC bathroom (we’re not kidding). On top of that, the company began at Ashli’s dining room table and lived there for about a year before we moved into the next space - so you can imagine how thrilled we were with a whopping 300 sq ft. But as the company continued to flourish, it became obvious that we were outgrowing our beautiful little space. The entire team was basically working on top of each other, trying to find any sort of flat space to work off of, and playing tetris with the overflowing number of things floating around the office - we were bursting at the seams. As a team, we knew that if we wanted to operate at our best, we would need more room to breathe, think, and perform. Although it was a huge investment, Ashli made the executive decision to move into a larger space, and since a few weeks ago, here we are in our new office that’s four times larger than what we had prior. It was exciting yet still intimidating to make this huge transition into a bigger office, but we’ve definitely had no regrets ever since - we’ve all been able to function better as a team and envision even greater things for the company. It’s been really exciting for us to plan future events, work together (and individually when needed) in a more spacious office, and put even more amazing ideas into action.  

3. It’s all in the details.

With a company that’s growing so quickly, it may be easy to become careless and complacent. But at Sunday Forever, this kind of growth has just been a big reminder that it’s all the little details that really count. We always want to offer our community an unforgettable experience that they can cherish forever, and turning three has only motivated us to make that experience even more magical. Although our community has expanded, we’ve made it a priority to never compromise all the little things that we do that makes this company so special. Whether it be the meticulous way that we put together packages or the little notes that we enjoy writing to our community, the small details are such huge pieces of this company that we wouldn’t give up for anything. The team is only excited to find more ways to share magical experiences with the people who believe and invest in us.

4. Our community is everything.

As a team, there’s always something we repeatedly say: our community comes first. We recognize that Sunday Forever would be nothing if it wasn’t for the amazing people who are a part of our magical little dream world. We’ve been fortunate enough to have created some of the most amazing relationships with so many lovers of the brand. It’s so rewarding to be able to share real, quality friendships with our community, and we always strive to invest in them as much as they invest in us - and by this, we don’t mean monetarily. There’s such a special connection that we have with our community, in which we have a similar appreciation and love for all the things that make life so beautiful. In this next year, we can only try even harder to grow these friendships and continue to share Nice Things with the people who make our lives so incredible. 

5. We’re growing up!...And that means more responsibility.

We’ve officially got one more year on us, which means we’ve got a few more responsibilities under our belts. Sunday Forever has had so many amazing accomplishments over the past year and for that, we’re extremely proud - but we’re also so excited for all the more ways we can grow. We feel a sense of responsibility to ourselves and our community to take on even greater things in this next year to create more beautiful moments for everyone around us. The whole team feels so ready to challenge ourselves for the better, hulk out even harder, and grow into something even more magical.

To everyone who has been on this journey with us - thank you. You’ve made our hearts feel so full of love, gratitude, and pure bliss. We hope we can return these magical feelings to you because there’s no US without YOU.