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During times like these, it sometimes feels impossible to maintain positivity. We’ve found that coming up with creative ways to enjoy the mundane day to day things is the key. 

So here’s a little something that brings us joy. An at home, candlelit picnic for one. 

The scene: 

  • Your comfy, cozy, fluffy comforter spread across the floor.  So many pillows, you can’t move. We recommend Buffy
  • Whatever book or magazine you’re currently reading 
  • Candles. Everywhere. gotta set the mood. Insert 11:11 here….
  • Maybe some soft jazz playing in the background? The French Bistro Playlist on Spotify…highly recommend.
  • If you’re not a reader, post up your picnic in front of the TV. Rom Com anyone?
  • And, of course your favorite snacks, tea, wine, etc. Pass us the Vievite si’il vous plait.
via SundayForever

via SundayForever

For an added sense of stay-at-home glam, wear your chicest, coziest loungewear.

It sounds silly, but we’ve always found that taking everyday situations (like watching tv or even dinner) and making them extra special always makes us feel a little bit better.

Stay cozy! x