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by Morgan Curtis 

My favorite place to spend my Sundays is at my family home, out east, in Sagaponack, NY.  After launching my brand Morgan Lane, five years ago, I have come to appreciate having this escape more and more. My husband, Tom, also grew up in Montauk and his family and friends are there year-round. We tend to love the off-season most, especially around October when the pumpkins are ready to be picked. 

My husband, Tom, always says Sundays are his day to relax, “Don’t make any plans Morgy.” I used to try and fight this, but now I am totally on his side. With all of the work stress and commotion I need a day to just do nothing and appreciate life. We are extremely excited because we have a baby girl on the way - I am writing this while 6 months pregnant. Awaiting our little peanut has made me want to take advantage of my last Sundays as a couple, as soon they will be family days. So, here is my lazy summer Sunday routine.

I usually sleep in late and wear my pajamas for most of the morning. My colleagues made me a really cute embroidered pair of Morgan Lane pajamas that say “Mama” on one pocket, and “To Be...” on the other pocket and I have been living in them. Tom usually runs over to Pierre’s To Go and grabs some pastries; he has been spoiling me since I found out I was pregnant. We used to complete a 3-mile run together and the pastry would be our reward. Oh, how times have changed.

Sometime after 11 am, post croissant and a short carb-nap, it’s finally time to get out of my pajamas and sleeping mask. My favorite lately has been the Sleepy Lids Cashmere Mask from my brand.  I love to get ready for the day in my mother’s bathroom because it makes me feel like a kid again. My beauty routine has changed since becoming pregnant. I’ve always loved the creams from Santa Maria Novella, and recently I have been using the body lotion on my baby bump or sometimes just old-fashioned cocoa butter. My favorite toothpaste and mouthwash is from Marvis; I find the scent lingers the longest and I love the packaging. If I am wearing any makeup, which is very rare, I like to use the Jill Stuart Beauty Make Up Remover (not available in the US). Being pregnant makes me super dry, especially my lips. I love all Glossier’s products and I apply Balm Dotcom in the morning for a little moisture and glow.

I usually spend my Sunday afternoon by the pool or sometimes I bike to the beach. I use this time to unwind and catch up on reading.  I just started reading the baby book “Bringing up Bébé,” by Pamela Druckerman in preparation!

Occasionally we head out to Montauk on Sundays to visit Tom’s friends and family. My favorite stop to make there is the Melet Mercantile Outpost and I always find treasures to buy or get really inspired by their intricately decorated walls. Sometimes we just hang out on the bench outside people-watching and chatting about nothing and everything. 

If there is time or we want to leave later to avoid traffic, we will cook a Sunday dinner. First we head to the farm stand to buy fruit and veggies and let the spread inspire our menu for the meal. Last Sunday the specialty was strawberries. They were the juiciest I have ever had and I decided to use them in our salad. We invited our friends over and barbequed everything we had left in the fridge - the spread was huge! We had great leftovers and fresh produce to bring back to the city, which helps make meal prep during the week less rushed and chaotic.

Image: @morgan_lane via Instagram

Sundays are a day to slow down and savor every moment. They are about making memories and spending time with the people I love. Summer Sundays are even more magical. I love when the season hits and all the flowers in the garden  bloom. I like to pick a few flowers to bring home with me as a reminder there is another Sunday just a few days away.


Morgan Curtis is the founder of Morgan Lane, a New York-based lingerie, sleep and swimwear brand. Two years after starting Morgan Lane, she was named one of 2016’s CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Finalists. Born in New York City, Morgan is the third generation in a family of fashion and is inspired in large part by her mother, designer Jill Stuart. After her studies in fashion at Cornell University and Central Saint Martin’s, Morgan began designing for the Jill Stuart brand. Morgan’s design experience combined with her love and affinity for drawing led her to create a brand combining both mediums: illustration and lingerie. Morgan Lane classics include silk pajamas and embroideries with Morgan’s hand-drawn illustrations. She is known for making lifestyle pieces that can be worn both as sleepwear and ready-to-wear and her fun and effortless approach to luxury intimates is represented in each and every piece she creates.