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by Ashli Stockton

I became obsessed with propagating plants on accident and didn't even know this was a "thing" until recently. It's so cool that you can create multiple plants from just one, and I also love the idea of being able to share some of your plant baby with your friends, and then your plant is related to their plant. It's all very cute.

Tips & tricks to make your plants multiply:

  1. I'd recommend starting with a snake plant or golden pothos. They're super pretty and easy to work with.
  2. I like to use either the "cutting" or "rooting" technique.
  3. For cutting, it's just like it sounds - you cut a piece of the plant where the leaf meets the stem. then place it in a small vase or glass of water and wait for the root to begin sprouting. You can then choose to plant into soil, or I often just let the roots continue to sprout in water. Note: if you leave it in the water too long, it won't translate to the soil well because it thinks it's meant to live in water.
  4. I use the "rooting" technique when I notice one of my plants is starting to sprout an entirely new plant in the same pot. The goal is to separate the new plant safely so that you can re-plant it in its own pot. The goal here is to be gentle and patient and ensure that the O.G. plant has plenty of fresh soil that may have been removed when extracting the new baby growth.

When it comes to plants, more is more. Enjoy!