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The facets, the shine, the shape, the points on each end. Wow, what a gorgeous pointy piece of magic. Enter, the Double Terminated Crystal.

We're talking about Double Terminated Crystals. "Um, excuse me, what?" We know what you're thinking so allow us to explain.

What are Double Terminated Crystals?

At Sunday Forever we love crystals, we collect them, and we're never without one on our person. We offer a curated selection of crystals in our Sunday Forever Crystal Shop. Most recently we added Double Terminated Crystals into the mix because we think they're super special.

Double Terminated Crystal from Sunday Forever

Our Double Terminated crystals are not only sparkling showstoppers but they're special because they have a termination point on both ends of the stone. We say "termination" because it can be a bit confusing to call a single crystal point a point and to also call the end of a single crystal a point, see what we mean there? This is why we call the pointy end a termination.

How to Use Double Terminated Crystals

Now that that’s out of the way…Double Terminated crystals are extra magical because they let energy flow both directions. In other words they provide bidirectional energy flow. Think of Double Terminated aka DT Crystals similarly to an electric cord where energy flows from one end to the other

They're stones of balance, providing a connecting bridge between two energy points. Double Terminated crystals radiate or absorb energy simultaneously at both ends channeling two directions at once. Because each end is pointed, there's a constant flow of energy, which make them so great for releasing the negative and welcoming the positive.

Double Terminated crystals come in all shapes, sizes and variations of stone. We offer rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz variations and more. You can keep them wherever you like, hold them while meditating or take one along with you wherever you go. Cheers to doubling the magic!