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by The Sunday Forever Team

Ashli here, founder of Sunday Forever…there are only a few things I love more than staying at a fancy hotel. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in some of the best hotels around the globe. I’m a lover of details and when you stay in a top notch property, you’ll notice details on details - the quality of the paper and pen next to the bed, a glass of welcome champagne, a little fruit and dessert plate waiting for you in your room, the amenities, the turn down service complete with a little pillow treat - you know what I mean? Well, all of these details eventually made themselves into my everyday life - not kidding. After I left my previous job and before I was 100% focused on Sunday Forever, let’s just say I had some extra time on my hands - and what I did with that time was essentially turn our little NYC apartment into a hotel. To this day my husband will say “remember when our apartment felt like a hotel? that was nice…” I would do turn down service and leave a chocolate on our pillows, iron the sheets and spray the bed with expensive perfumes, Leave vessels of fresh lemon water by the bed, fold the ends of the toilet paper into perfect little points, decorate each room with fresh flowers, and more. I could go on and on, and this is not an exaggeration.

Cut to life now, where I don’t have nearly as much free time as I had then, but still love that feeling. This feeling inspired the concept of Hotel Sunday, something that’s been on my mind for some time now. I really believe we can all luxuriate a little more and I want Sunday Forever to help. So, we hope you enjoy your stay - you deserve Nice Things. Here are some more ideas from the team on how we brought this concept to life…

When Sunday Forever was first born, we wanted to create a magical little dream world for people to escape to. We aren’t talking fairy dust and rainbows - we’re talking about the nice things in life that could offer us bits of luxury and comfort. These are the roots from which Sunday Forever grew

Now enter: Hotel Sunday, our newest candle that encompasses everything that we envisioned a Sunday Forever hotel to be like. Hotel Sunday is chic, yet inviting with notes of pink pepper and cherry musk. The scent reflects the magic of what it would be like to stay at a hotel decorated with all the Nice Things that we want to share with our community. This launch is beyond just a candle to us - it’s an invitation for everyone to indulge in the same things and feelings that make us wake up every morning feeling excited, grateful and motivated.  

The launch of this beautiful dream world includes an entire selection of some of our favorite things including our Hotel Sunday candle, Fall-favorite robes, the new brass collection, and more. We’re so excited to share all of these new and returning luxuries with you. The entire process of creating this idea and bringing it to life took months of hard work and detailed thought. Once Ashli shared her vision for Hotel Sunday with the team, we took the story to the idea board and curated every element of it. The first main element we wanted to tackle was the new candle itself. Ashli carefully developed the scent to be fresh, sparkling, handsome and pretty - everything you’d want from a candle. To top it all off, we decided to go for a label different from what we’re used to putting on our candles. We decorated this very special candle baby with a crest-shaped label to make sure it aesthetically aligned with the luxury and extravagance that its story was inspired from.

Once we got the candle down, it was all about developing the story even further by piecing together all the other elements of this concept. It took a lot of long days and nights of researching and preparing for this launch because we wanted Hotel Sunday to truly evoke the vibe and look of everything we’d ever dreamed of. Getting the location of the shoot locked in took some time, as we wanted to ensure that the scene matched the story and overall vibe of the brand. Looking back now, we don’t think there could’ve been a more perfect place to capture our vision. We also created a master deck that described every scene, product, prop, etc. that would be needed to photographically capture the story of Hotel Sunday - this deck basically became our guide as we navigated through our shoot day.

We also purposefully asked our dear friends and team to be a part of the shoot, as we wanted to make it feel as personal and intimate as possible - the energy and intention behind our photoshoots are so valuable to us, so we wanted to make sure that we honored that by including the people that are closest to us. Despite the long hours of working to build Hotel Sunday, we knew that all the hard work would pay off - and it sure did. It became everything that we had hoped for - a place to feel lavish and rich. But not just with material things. Rich in feelings of ease, excitement and gratitude. 

The entire creation process of Hotel Sunday was beyond exciting and magical - it was such a rewarding feeling to be able to see our vision come to life. Our greatest intention as a brand is to always add value, beauty and comfort into our community’s lives and by launching Hotel Sunday, we hope that people can find solace when dealing with life’s less-than-magical moments. Escape with us. Check in to check out. We hope you stay a while..