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Eucalyptus Smudge and Lighter Combo

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Introducing the Eucalyptus Smudge and Lighter Combo! This powerful duo helps purify your space and freshen your energy. Light up the stylish "You Deserve It" lighter and let the ethically sourced Eucalyptus smudge stick cleanse your space. Plus, it pairs especially well with our signature "Go Sage Yourself Mega Mug”.

The Eucalyptus Smudge and Lighter Combo comes perfectly packaged in a reusable Nice Things Inside pouch, making it a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a vibe refresh.

Whether you're moving into a new space or starting a new phase in life, use this duo to clear out old energy and invite in positivity, peace, and rejuvenation. It makes the perfect housewarming gift, or for anyone you think could use some fresh vibes in their life.

HERE'S HOW: Ignite the Eucalyptus smudge stick with our "You Deserve It" lighter and let it smolder, allowing the smoke to fill your space. Set your intention for the energy cleanse and open your windows to let any unwelcome energy out. Walk around your space with the smudge stick to ensure every corner is cleared, and when you're finished, safely extinguish.

CANDLES: Hand-poured in the USA by a mission-based company, our candles are non-toxic, phthalate-free, with 100% cotton wicks and a blend of coconut and soy wax for a clean burn. Burn Times: 9 ounces = 52 hours; 11 ounces = 60 hours; 30 ounces = 120 hours; 38 ounces = 160 hours.

FRAGRANCE + BODY: Meticulously crafted using the highest quality clean ingredients and fragrance oils possible, with a high concentration of pure oils for long-lasting wear, unique scent profiles, and all designed to be migraine-friendly.

JEWELRY: Handmade by us in our NYC studio, each piece is hand-tied and knotted one by one, reflecting our dedication to creating meaningful, artisanal jewelry. We also offer a re-stringing service HERE.

All Sunday Forever products are non-toxic, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free. We love humans, good health, and animals!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Y. (Lake Jackson, US)
New Abode Vibes!

I just moved into a new abode and I knew exactly what I needed before I moved in, to smudge every square inch, clearing any negative energy and vibrating positive energy only! 🧿🪬💙

Cara (North Bergen, US)
Love it!

I love the eucalyptus smudge and the lighter is so cute! It’s my new favorite lighter❤️. With my order I also received a little gift which I love so much, some mini incense in coconut scent and the cutest box of matches. I collect nice match books so I’m really happy with my order and the extra gift (:

Jennifer Granda (Valley Stream, US)
Clean , beautiful calming scent

The smudge is perfect cleanses everything and the lighter is absolutely adorable

Cat (Chicago, US)
Expected more smoke

I have never saged before so caveating this by saying I’m not totally sure what the expected outcome is but after I lit the edge I didn’t get much, if any smoke. I had to continually light both ends for even a small stream of smoke. I didn’t expect a lot, but definitely something more consistent where I didn’t need to relight. The smell was amazing and the whole process was centering and cathartic so excited to try again once I familiarize myself more with the process.

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.